Conflict of Interest

by Fields of Saturn

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Brian Gosalvez
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Brian Gosalvez Perhaps I understand this music because I know the band personally. Anyway, this gives me a break from "standard" structures and "standard" lyrics that I'm used to. The raw production can also be refreshing when commercial techniques start to sound "fake" or over-engineered. Favorite track: Time Flies By.
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released June 25, 2016



all rights reserved


Fields of Saturn Melbourne, Florida

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Track Name: Inkjet

I scribble faster and faster
Words hit pages like an inkjet
Like the burning rabble from a fire and brimstone pastor

The words become streams
They flow into deltas; become seas
The seas get hard and turn to deserts; fade away, with time
Track Name: Time Flies By
Time Flies By

Time runs out for those who fear
Let time fly and shed no tear
Right on time for those who know
Let time fly and shed no tear
Time flies by

Time flies by
When you’re having fun
No matter how fast or slow
Time will pass us all

Time flies by
When it has not been seen
No matter how fast or slow
Time will pass us all

Many ask for the time of day
Half past five or half past noon
Many ask for the time of day
Tick, tick, tock with no delay
Time flies by
Track Name: The Bloc
The Bloc

Open up your mind
Take a look inside
Does it seem so real?
If you’re not alive
And I try to derive the
Meaning of my time
And how I survive the
Plight of my kind

When you dive into the well
And you let your body go
And you take that one step, and
You make it to the show
It’s the road we travel, it’s the Choices we make
It’s the outrage, the crying, and the Pity we fake

Oh my, time it passes me by
So quick, I’m starting to lose my mind
I find, the meaning of this rhyme
Is to get cross my point and step
Back in line
Cause I learned the meaning of hell the other
Day on your last stay on earth
the person you are meets the person you
Could’ve been
Damn, did I choose the right way?

I’ve been looking
I’ve been waiting all day
I’ve been trying to come to grips with what
I’m supposed to say

I don’t even know just where I am
But it doesn’t even matter
It’s all part of the plan

Walking through the dark
Trying to find my place in life
Where do I belong should I stick with the fight?
Is the end game worth it will I
Find what I’m looking for
I sure hope so cause I can’t take anymore

Moving through the tunnel I can see the light
At the end day it’ll be alright.
Cause we’ve got one
Chance and we got one shot
To make it through everything on the bloc

Take a look around at all them people
Standing there in front of the steeple
They’ve been begging and
They’ve been crying, but the
Help won’t come and they’re still dying

How can we let this injustice go on?
Doesn’t anybody care if we're strong?
A team is only its weakest link
And I say it’s time we fix the kink

All I see, and all I be
My paycheck is all I need
But that don’t always come easy
It's rough out there and life ain't free
It’s time to think, it's time to change
It’s time to finally rearrange
It’s time to understand in life
The things that will not be

It’s time to do, what we said
There’s no point in acting dead
Let's stand up, let's stand strong
Let's act out and live this long
Let's take this issue to the top
Cause I’ll be dead before we stop
We marchin' through the city streets
We stand up for what's right and wrong

Raise your hands
Throw 'em up in the sky
This is never how I thought I was gonna die
Take a step back, think
About what you’re doing put the gun down
There’s no need for shooting
I’ve lived my whole life the best I can
I’ve never been perfect
But is any man?
One more chance is all I need
One more chance to help me succeed

It’s been four years
Since I last called him
It’s been three years since
I even thought of him
On that fateful day
When I shot at him
I don’t even know if he got a name

I regret what i did every single day
I don’t even know
How I could pay, him back
It’s long road, road to
Redemption but it’s my time,
A moment of reflection

I’m sorry for what I did,
I never meant for it to get to this point
One day, I hope we can meet again
Track Name: Fair Warning
Fair Warning

Didn't even know her name
Curve of her jaw was familiar
It was all just the same
I was invisible to her

Then she called me over
My emotions so clear
Like a junkie unsober
I was invincible to them

Even with fair warning
They didn't expect me to leave
Got out in the morning, got out
Still remember her curves
Brightness of her pupils
Even with fair warning
Yellow-pages reminders
Inadequate memories that serve

And if she searched high & low
Found me at the back of the world
What would I know?
Would I go back to that town?

Lose your identity, to your own doubts
With nothing we can turn it around
With nothing, we will succeed
Track Name: One More Job
One More Job

“Why must you do this?” she pleads
“Just one more job to set us straight.”
“Stay with me,” she begs on her knees
“We’ll have a better life,” I say
It’s my own appetite to sate
There’s a storm brewing off to the west
She continues to cry
I pull on my belt and my vest
Hoping what I said wasn’t a lie
I pick my gun off of the chest

One more job, the end is in sight
As we run from the law,
And we run through the night
We’ll never look back,
Leave the past behind
With my wife and my God by my side

Somebody snitched
Eight Marshalls guarded the caravan
Anger and panic, the first Marshall falls
Blowing away another, I feel Caliban

Cornered on all sides, the gig is up
Red-stained dirt, the blood of my men
Attempt to retreat, they halt my gallop
A gun in my face, no way to defend

The crowd is roaring and
They want my head
As I stand at the gallows, and I see the end
At the back of the crowd
My wife stands there
With a tear in her eye she can hardly bear

To see her old man pay for all he’s done
As the old saying goes,
Live and die by the gun
Pushed off the edge, the rope draws tight
With a final breath, and a final sight
Track Name: Machiavellian Dandelions
Machiavellian Dandelions

So you could tell, how I felt
Pretty obvious when I melt
We’ll make this hours, objective is clear
When you take off my belt

Tonight’s the night. I get to fly
No more bright light, don’t need an alibi
Tonight’s the night, you get oh-so-high
No more bright light, don’t need an alibi

You know the drill, don’t need a fill
Pretty love don’t need to sell
No more evil people, no more needles
Karma don’t count, in our Hell
Track Name: We Might Survive
We Might Survive

Smile to the crowd but behind the façade
A crooked man, still they applaud
Blinded by devotion to the ass or the Whig
While they show you where to dig

Listen to the words they pick
Hiding the truth, it makes me sick
See their posture as they spew the lies
Telltale signs of corrupt minds

Eyes, eyes, open eyes
Open your eyes and change your lives
Read between the lines we might survive
Follow deep rivers of green,
Back to your home, where they feed.
Why won’t you see, the world needs our lead?

Here we fight, for the words that we read
Out of sight, in the wake of the dream
Lords, Generals, tell us how to think
Sentiment is made for the weak

Why don’t we take the fight to them?
Until they have nothing left
Why don’t we make them pay the debt?
Before green rivers turn to red
Track Name: Pandora

Reflexes are all but numb
Cracked and worn, 'round the edges
Rivets keeping skin smooth
We are not getting any younger

There you go, floating by
Like cities in the sky
Like mausoleums made of sand
That crumble by my hands
Here I sit, in Pandora's Box
Waiting for you to take a chance
Still searching for the light to guide me home!

Storybook villains continue to entice
The simpleness of the plot
Nice and tidy denoumeau
We are not getting any younger

I'm not like them?
Who are you to judge?
Track Name: Should I Care?
Should I Care?

That summer day when we first met
You looked so innocent in that dress
But now I know you’re a hot mess
I wish I could just hit reset
You crossed the line too many times
A crazy chick only worth a dime
I should have known this from the start
Finally it’s time to part!

I’m walking out to start anew
Not gonna come back should I care?
I hate the shit you sell on Etsy
Why the fuck should I care?
We always said it was meant to be
Never once thought you’d cheat on me
The heart see’s what the eyes cannot
Like the hidden lies you have brought
I’m not gonna run from what I said
I’m being honest I wish you were dead!

I’m walking out so step aside
Not gonna come back should I care?
Yes I changed the Netflix password
Why the fuck should I care?

I’m walking out your sister’s waiting
Not gonna come back should I care?
You always said I had no class
Why the fuck should I care?
Track Name: Eyes

Truth being, I can see your hand
Fun to play your game
In light of all that you said
Makeup runs to meet
Your cards scattered on the floor

The deck has fallen
Your secrets out your lies are in
A steady gaze to meet your lying eyes
You can kill me, but I have won
Have called your bluff
A steady gaze to meet your green eyes

The game is done and so are you
Cards fall to the floor like the
Tears beneath your eyes
Black and red along with white
Is all you see before you breathe!

You rise up then you fall to the floor
Throwing your lies across the room
Your eyes turn from green to red
Revealing the past in one
And the present in the other

May the eyes of the
Beholder guide your way
Walking through shadows
in search of light

But in the end does it all make sense?
The marks on the wall reveal the truth
The truth of the lies that were never a thing... that never existed

Your lies are atrocious
Right down to the word
May we all live a life full of lies and sins that will haunt us
Till the day we die?

Wake, sleep, dream, the end
In the end it’s all decided
Lies, lies, lies, lies!